Homelab & Personal Use Cases

Twingate enables secure, remote access to your home network and services like Home Assistant, Plex, security cameras, and other self-hosted apps.

Twingate Connectors run on a variety of platforms including Raspberry Pi and NAS devices. If you’re not sure where to deploy, check out our deployment recommendations.

Benefits of using Twingate

  • Fast setup, wide platform support. Setup entails deploying a Twingate Connector on a single device on your home network - a Linux server, Raspberry Pi, NAS, or a Windows computer. Connectors are offered as a VM systemd service or as a Docker image.
  • Secure, configurable access. Twingate does not require an open port or port forwarding, which otherwise introduces a security risk into your home network. Grant access to friends & family members with granular permissions by network resource (e.g. family photos but not security camera footage). Access also does not require a static IP or DynamicDNS configuration.
  • Access from every platform. Twingate offers desktop and mobile apps to access your home network, avoiding the hassle of fiddling with VPN settings on each device.
  • Built for developers. Twingate offers advanced features for developers like an Admin API, Javascript CLI configuration tool, Python CLI configuration tool, and automation via Terraform and Pulumi.

Detailed walkthroughs:

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