Internet Security

Twingate can secure public internet traffic on employee devices and protect your organization from online security threats in a variety of ways, including with DNS filtering and DNS-over-HTTPS.

Benefits of using Twingate for Internet Security

  • Proactively block security threats.
    Twingate’s DNS filtering proactively blocks domains known to host security threats like malware, phishing sites, command-and-control servers.
  • Security and privacy for travel and Bring Your Own Device.
    Centrally manage and apply DNS-level threat filtering to all employee devices, including personal BYOD-type devices. Ensure employee browsing histories stay private while on hotel or coffee shop Wi-Fi with encrypted DNS requests.
  • Obtain visibility and control of network traffic.
    Twingate provides visibility into shadow IT usage and can block employee access to undesirable or inappropriate content. Block access to sites not appropriate for work, like adult content, gambling, and more. Twingate’s DNS filtering also provides actionable insights to understand where your employees’ traffic is going.
  • Lightweight deployment.
    A single Twingate client can be configured to provide private access to resources as well as secure public internet traffic. No need to deploy and manage a separate agent to enforce DNS filtering.

Guides for Enabling Internet Security

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