Internet Security

Twingate secures public internet traffic on employee devices by supporting blanket, device-level DNS-over-https (DOH) to a configurable DNS resolver service.

Benefits of using Twingate

  • Security and privacy for Bring-Your-Own-Device and travel. Centrally manage and apply DNS-level threat filtering for all employee devices. Ensure employee browsing history stays private while on hotel or coffee shop WiFi with encrypted DNS requests.
  • Visibility and control of network traffic. Provide visibility into shadow IT usage and block employee access to undesirable or inappropriate content.
  • Faster than a VPN. Unlike a full tunnel VPN that redirects all network traffic with a substantial impact on speed, Twingate intelligently secures DNS traffic for the best network performance.
  • Lightweight deployment. A single Twingate client can be configured to provide private access to resources as well as secure public internet traffic.

Detailed Walkthroughs

Other Solutions for DNS Filtering

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