Learn how to deploy Connectors in Aptible's secure cloud environment.

Aptible is a serverless application platform that manages security and compliance automatically. With Twingate, you can provide secure and controlled access to Aptible services so your remote users and engineers can access the environments with ease. For more information about Aptible, see our blog post announcement.

Aptible deployment

There are two approaches to deploying Connectors on Aptible:

Automated installation (Twingate CLI)

1. Run the deploy aptible app command

Run ./tg deploy aptible app from the command line to initiate the installation process. You can pass an environment name with the --environment NAME option if you have multiple Aptible environments.

2. Enter your Twingate account name and API token

You will be automatically prompted for this information during the installation process.

3. Select a Remote Network

You will be provided with the option to either select an existing Remote Network or create a new one.

4. Confirm deployment was successful

Connector deployment will proceed automatically. You can verify that the Connector has been deployed correctly from the green status indicators in the Connector detail page in the Admin Console.

Manual installation

1. Create a new Remote Network and select Connector

Create a new Remote Network from the Network page in the Twingate Admin Console and select one of the Connectors on the right hand side of the page.

2. Generate Connector tokens

Select Manual for the deployment method and click Generate Tokens to create a set of authentication tokens for your Connector.

This step requires a re-authentication request. Once you have re-authenticated, click Copy to save each token. These tokens will be required in Step 4.

3. Create an Aptible app

You can create an app in Aptible either via the Aptible dashboard or the Aptible CLI using aptible apps:create [APP]. Replace [APP] with the name of your Aptible App, e.g. twingate-connector.

4. Set the app configuration

Set the app configuration by running the command below using the Aptible CLI. The parameters in square brackets must be replaced with the app name you chose in step 3, and the tokens you saved in step 2.

aptible config:set --app [APP] TWINGATE_NETWORK="[ACCOUNT]" \

5. Deploy the app

Deploy the app by running the following Aptible CLI command: aptible deploy --app [APP] --docker-image twingate/connector:1 (replacing the [APP] parameter with the name you chose in step 3).

6. The app will be deployed automatically

Once deployment is complete, you will see two green lights in the Connector detail page in the Admin Console, indicating that the Connector is operational.

Last updated 5 months ago