Identity Providers

By default, Twingate is configured to use social logins (Google, Microsoft, GitHub and LinkedIn) to control access. If you wish to limit this list to a specific subset of these providers for your users, please submit a support ticket from your Twingate dashboard.

Twingate also supports Google Workspace for all product tiers, as well as a number of popular identity providers in our Business and Enterprise product tiers. For detailed setup and configuration steps, select an IdP from the section below.

Twingate can allow users to be automatically added or synced from a linked identity provider’s user directory, while also allowing users who use social logins (e.g. Google or LinkedIn) to be manually added by an admin. This can be useful if you need to provide access to external parties like contractors who don’t have accounts that are managed through your identity provider. To enable this functionality for your Twingate account, please Contact Us.

Twingate Universal 2FA

Regardless of your identity provider, we recommend using Twingate’s native 2FA functionality. This enables precise control over when a two-factor challenge is issued, allowing 2FA to be applied to any network resource with no application configuration required.

Instructions on setting up native Twingate 2FA can be found here.

Last updated 20 days ago