Articles covering practical usage of our Connectors.


Connectors are Twingate components that are deployed behind your firewall to provide access to private Resources. Connectors run either as a container or a Linux systemd service. The admin console has ready-made deployment scripts for the following environments:

  • Docker
  • K8s (via Helm Chart)
  • Azure (via ContainerInstance)
  • Linux (generic systemd deployment script)
  • AWS ECS Fargate

Connector names

Connector names are randomly generated on creation. This name may be edited at any time. If you decide to edit a Connector name, note that the name must be unique across all Connectors in your account. Note that modifying this name in the Admin console does not modify the name in your deployment environment, so if you wish to set a custom name for Connectors that you deploy, we recommend renaming Connectors before deployment.

Status availability emails

Admins will receive an email when a Connector goes offline and again when it comes back online. To stop these notifications, turn off status emails for specific Connectors under “Manage”.

Additional information

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