CI/CD Configuration

To help you incorporate the Twingate Services and Clients in headless mode into your CI/CD pipelines, we’ve included some sample configurations in a public Github repository, which are included in our automated testing.

Marketplace: Github Action

-> “Connect to Twingate” Action on Github Marketplace

We’ve published a simple Github Action to connect to Twingate that you can incorporate into any Github workflow.

The action will:

  • Install the Twingate headless Client
  • Configure it using the Twingate Service Key that you supply
  • Start the Twingate headless Client

At the end of this process, your workflow will be connected to Twingate and be able to access the Resources assigned to the Service.

Example: CircleCI

-> Public CircleCI example

We’ve included three steps to install & start, test, and then stop the Twingate Client in headless mode.

  • The $SERVICE_KEY is base64 encoded due to a CircleCI requirement around variable storage and requires decoding before being passed to twingate setup.
  • $TEST_URL is configured as a Resource only accessible while Twingate is connected.
  • The base operating system is Ubuntu. If you are unable to use Ubuntu as your base OS, note that the Linux Client may not be compatible with other distributions.

Last updated 2 months ago