Managed Devices

Twingate can be installed on managed devices and is compatible with most MDM solutions such as AirWatch, InTune, JAMF and Kandji. Specific instructions for each platform can be found in the sub-articles, and are summarized below:

  • Windows. An MSI with silent and pre-configuration options is available.
  • macOS and iOS. Our apps are available via the Apple App Store and as a standalone PKG. MDM solutions like Kandji, JAMF and AirWatch can deploy Mac App Store and App Store apps as long as they have been allocated via Apple Business Manager.

The client doesn’t need any special privileges on the device, but it needs to create a VPN profile to operate. Note, however, that we use the VPN connection on the device solely to connect to our own application. You will notice that the VPN server address is No VPN traffic leaves the device.

Last updated 1 month ago