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Your VPN is a sitting duck

The way we work has changed. People now work from anywhere, not just from an office. Applications are based in the cloud, not just on-premise. And the company network perimeter is now spread across the internet. Using a traditional, network-centric VPN for remote access is not only outdated and difficult to maintain, but exposes businesses to security breaches.

Exposed Public Gateways

VPN gateways are visible on the internet, making them magnets for attacks

Difficult to Maintain

VPN infrastructure is costly and time consuming to procure, deploy, and maintain

Lateral Attack Vulnerability

Inability to secure access at the app level means hacks can expose whole networks

Twingate provides a simple, modern approach to securing online work

Twingate enables organizations to rapidly implement a modern zero trust network that is more secure and maintainable than VPNs. Delivered as a cloud-based service, Twingate empowers IT teams to easily configure a software defined perimeter without changing infrastructure, and centrally manage user access to internal apps, whether they are on-prem or in the cloud.

Invisible to the Internet

With Twingate, your network is invisible to the internet, significantly reducing exposure to opportunistic attacks.

Scales Effortlessly

Twingate requires minimal maintenance and can easily scale from 10 to 10,000 resources.

Zero Trust Access

Resource-level control means hackers don't gain access to your entire network when one user is compromised.

Explore the difference

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Built for IT admins

Easy Setup, Rapid Deployment. Deploys in minutes without infrastructure changes or renaming. Integrates with your SSO and identity providers.

Simplify Administrative Workloads. Centrally manage access through one admin console. Extensive logging gives app-level visibility over who is accessing what.

Performance & Reliability. Reduce network burden with split tunneling and intelligent routing that eliminates backhauling. ViPR technology in smart clients handles authorization and routing decisions on devices. We manage load balancing, redundancy and scaling so you don’t have to.

Effortless for users

Always On, Transparent Security

Once enabled, the client app requires no user interaction and automatically provides access to all authorized resources. It just works.

Better Online Experiences

Split tunneling and no backhauling means crisper video calls, more responsive web browsing, lower latency and fewer connection problems.

Easy Onboarding

Users can self-enroll with a few clicks. Provision and deprovision users easily via a single, centralized admin console.

Happier, More Productive Users

Ease of use and better connectivity provide a frustration free experience for users, meaning less time spent training and supporting them.

Better for business

Reduce Risk. Avoid costly and embarrassing data breaches. Works alongside existing systems for a risk-free migration path.

Reduce Costs. No upfront capex to buy and maintain appliances. Lower bandwidth, IT administration, and user support costs.

Increase Agility. Rapid deployment and instant scalability allows business to be more responsive to changing business conditions.

Future Proof. Move to a modern secure access service edge (SASE) architecture solution built for the “work from anywhere” workforce.

What makes Twingate different?

Providing a secure solution is essential but not enough. Twingate stands out from the crowd because we also focus intensively on ensuring a great user experience - whether you’re an administrator or an end user.

Speed & Ease of Deployment

Deploy without changing network infrastructure or installing appliances

Unburden IT Teams

No need to worry about managing scaling, redundancy or network segmentation

Support for All Apps

Twingate supports any TCP or UDP traffic without requiring any configuration

Administrative Usability

Our admin console provides an enterprise-grade service with consumer-grade usability

Client Usability

Our client app stays out of the user’s way. No need to select a server or turn it on & off

No Public Gateways

No need to expose any public services, so you can hide your network from the world

Twingate is the perfect product for the future of remote work. Business VPNs are a hassle - they get overloaded and cause problems for users working from home.
  • Matthew Hall

    CTO at SpringboardVR

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