Your VPN Problem Stops Here

Twingate lets you finally ditch your company's VPN. More secure, easier to manage, and your team will love you for it.


The solution to your VPN problem

Twingate is remote access for the modern world


Make your network invisible

Twingate makes your private network invisible to outside attackers. IP addresses are never exposed and DDoS attacks are impossible

No public gateways

No public gateway means no public attack surface

Inside-out connectivity

Apps connect outbound to authorized users

Prevent lateral movement

Provide access to specific applications, not full networks. Minimize the blast radius for potential attacks and reduce the spread of ransomware.

Application-level segmentation

Set granular access permissions to specific apps

Least privilege access

Users are never placed "on the network"


Advanced security and visibility

Every connection is individually authorized and encrypted. Discover and secure shadow applications.

TLS-based encrypted micro-tunnels

Best-in-class encryption and security

Detailed access logs (coming soon!)

Granular visibility in your apps and services

Achieve Zero Trust with Zero Hassles

Set up in 15 minutes or less

Plus, your team will love it

Integrates with existing security stack

Seamless integration with major identity providers including Okta and Gsuite.

No complicated configuration changes

Deploy without any complex network changes. No more complex ACLs or Firewall policies to set up.

Seamlessly scales with your needs

Twingate is designed to scale to meet the demands of modern work while reducing load on your network.

Self-enrollment and onboarding

Apps available on all major platforms. No more VPN profiles, just sign-in with SSO and connect.

Blazing fast, wherever you are

Smart traffic routing means only traffic bound for private resources reaches your remote networks.

No changes to existing workflows

Access resources like you expect. No need to learn new hostnames or destination addresses.

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