Bridge identity management and policy-based access controls with Twingate and Okta.


Identity Provider User Sync


Twingate can be linked to your Okta account with a few clicks. Once connected you will be able to:

  • Allow your Okta users to login to your Twingate account

  • Synchronize users and groups using SCIM provisioning including Okta Push Groups

  • Use your Twingate Connectors as Network Zones in Okta to restrict access to any SaaS application configured in Okta

  • Apply different Okta policies to individual Twingate Resources

  • Enforce MFA with Okta Verify at either sign-in on selectively on individual Twingate Resources


Centralized access controls

Use Okta groups to define access to Twingate resources and manage via Okta.

Gate access to SaaS applications while adding device controls

Implement granular control over access to SaaS applications without having to route application network traffic through proxies.

Fully leverage existing investments in Okta

Leverage full support for Okta integrations including DUO for MFA and Opal for ephemeral access controls.