Meet the people
behind Twingate

We decided to create Twingate after dozens of customer conversations that focused on the challenges that teams and companies face around securing remote access. We were amazed to find that despite the fact that almost every technology has moved to the cloud over the last 15 years, remote access is still stuck in the 1990s with VPN. The reason for this really surprised us: it was just too hard to adopt a more secure approach without sacrificing ease of use.

While Twingate is designed to provide secure access to any private resource, we’re particularly focused on the needs of developers and DevOps teams. Most alternative solutions only focus on the browser, but developers use a wide range of tools that use different protocols (such as SSH and remote desktop) which simply cannot operate through a browser session without significant compromises. Twingate “just works”.

Regardless of what application you’re using or where you or your private resources are, we handle the underlying complexity so that you can keep doing your work using the native tools that you like most.