Leverage Twingate’s DNS-over-HTTPS capability to provide DNS filtering and protection powered by NextDNS.


Internet Security DNS Filtering


Leverage NextDNS as your DNS over HTTPS (DOH) resolver directly from the Twingate Admin Console, allowing admins to extend DNS security protections to all Twingate users on desktop platforms. No additional app installation or network configuration is required beyond enabling NextDNS in Twingate. Profiles that are configured in NextDNS, which allow sets of different DNS security settings to be defined, can be selected directly within the Twingate Admin Console.


Automatically Encrypted DNS Queries

The vast majority of DNS requests are still both unencrypted and unvalidated, and hence vulnerable to a range of exploits from data collection to DNS poisoning and phishing. DOH encapsulates DNS queries in an HTTPS, hiding the contents of the requests from third parties.

AI-Powered Threat Detection

NextDNS’s threat detection system is built to catch malicious domains earlier than classic security solutions and blocks over 15,000,000,000 queries a month.

Simple Configuration, Easy Customization

Leverage NextDNS’s unlimited block/allow lists, options to set or override the DNs response of any domain, and unlimited configurations.