Bring Zero Trust Network Access into your automated infrastructure configuration via Twingate’s Pulumi provider.




Twingate’s Pulumi provider enables you to automate a number functions, including:

  • Automatically defining and assigning Twingate Resources as they are deployed in Pulumi.

  • Programmatically deploying and maintaining Twingate Connectors across public cloud environments like AWS, GCP, Azure, and many more cloud ISVs.

  • Ensuring that their deployment is up to date with every configuration update.


Zero Trust as Code

Automatically deploy and maintain Twingate ZTNA including Connector deployments, Resource creation, and permissioning.

Performant protection

Lock down your protected resources without sacrificing speed or user experience with Twingate’s lightning fast peer-to-peer remote access solution.

Eliminate public gateways

With no inbound ports to open Twingate reduces your public attack surface improving security and reducing risk.