Leverage CrowdStrike to enforce device restrictions and posture checks with Twingate.


Endpoint Detection & Response Mobile Device Management


Organizations can bridge their device source of truth and network access management policies by defining what it means to be a Trusted Device in Twingate using their existing CrowdStrike deployment.

When CrowdStrike is selected as a trust method within Twingate’s Device Security, it can be incorporated into Security Policies. Only devices that are verified through the CrowdStrike integration will be considered satisfying the Trusted Profile and thus be allowed to access private resources.


Device intelligence

Enforce device restrictions and posture checks based on CrowdStrike managed device data.

Intelligent policy, at the edge

Twingate enables companies to set access policies at the endpoint device, applying the principle of least privileged access for enhanced security.

Performant protection

Unlike traditional VPNs, Twingate offers fine-grained access control and split tunneling so employee productivity is not disrupted by a slow or unreliable VPN connection.