Admin Console Security

Twingate allows you to specify what authentication is required to access the Admin Console.

This setting is managed under the Settings tab. This policy is applied to Twingate administrators only, when they attempt to sign into the Admin Console.

Admin Console Security enables admins to require multi-factor authentication (MFA) in order to access the Admin Console. Admins do not need to sign into Twingate to access the Admin Console, so the Minimum Authentication Requirements and Device Security requirements do not apply.

Configuring biometrics or a security key

If MFA is set to “required” for Admin Console Security, admins will be prompted to configure either biometrics or a security key after authenticating successfully.

If you select “Don’t ask me again,” the modal will not appear the next time you authenticate into the Admin Console. If you decide to set up biometrics or a security key at a later time, you can select “Configure MFA” from the account dropdown in the upper right-hand corner.

If biometrics are set up to sign in to the Admin Console, the same biometric setup cannot be used to authenticate into the Twingate Client. However, if biometrics were previously configured on the Twingate Client for authentication, they can be used to sign in to the Admin Console.

Last updated 7 months ago