K8s Helm Chart Upgrades

Checking the Connector Version

If you’d like to check the currently running version of a Connector in a Pod, you can do so using the following command:

kubectl exec connector-1 -- ./connectord --version

In the above example, connector-1 represents the name of a Pod where the Connector is running.

The latest build version number and other update notes are available in the Connector Release Notes.

Updating the Helm Chart

You can update the Twingate Connector Helm Chart using the following command:

helm repo update -n twingate

We do not make very frequent changes to our Helm Chart, but we’d recommend updating it any time you are updating your Connectors to the latest version.

Please note that updating the Helm chart does not automatically update the Connector image used for deploying active Pods.

Updating the Connector Image

In the official Twingate Helm Chart, the image pullPolicy field is set to Always. This means that restarting the pod will pull the latest Connector image and upgrade it to the most recent version.

Last updated 2 months ago