We recommend using Azure’s Container Instance service to deploy connectors. The Admin Console Connector provisioning workflow includes an Azure CLI deployment command that makes Connectors very easy to deploy.


You will need the following information in order to deploy a Connector as a Container Instance on Azure:

  • Resource group name The Resource group that the Connector Container Instance will be deployed within.
  • Virtual network name. The name of the Virtual network within the Resource group.
  • Subnet name. The name of the subnet within the Virtual network.
  • DNS server (optional). By default, the Container instance will use the default configured name resolution within your Virtual network. However please note that if you are using a custom DNS server for your VNet then these will not be recognized by the Container Instance service automatically. In this situation we recommend using the “Custom DNS” option when deploying your Connector and specifying your DNS server manually.

If this is the first time that you have deployed a Container Instance in your Azure environment, you may also need to register the service in Azure. You can do this with the following command:

az provider register --namespace Microsoft.ContainerInstance


See Deploy the new Connector for instructions on deploying a new Connector. A pre-filled Azure CLI command is available.

Last updated 11 months ago