Managed Service Providers

For managed service providers (MSPs), Twingate provides a multi-tenant portal that allows you to manage your Customer Networks and billing.

Getting Started with the Twingate MSP Portal

You can sign up for our MSP portal here. We require credit card information in order for you to create your Customer Networks, but don’t worry, each Customer Network you create gets a 14-day free POC period. Your credit card will not be charged until the end of the 14 days.

Adding Users to Your MSP Portal

Users can be added to the Twingate MSP Portal manually or can be synced automatically using an Identity Provider. Users added to the MSP Portal only have access to the MSP Portal itself. In order for a user to access a Customer Network, they must be added to that Customer Network.

Set Up and Manage Billing

Twingate provides consolidated monthly billing for MSP Portal customers. You can view your billing history and view and edit your billing address and payment methods in your portal. See our MSP Billing page for more details.

Onboard Your Customers

A Customer Network represents an entire customer account. This includes all Resources, Connectors, team members, and other assets related to an account. You can create and delete Customer Networks, and assign admins to a Customer Network through your portal. See our Customer Networks page for more details.

Removing Your Customers

A Customer Network can be deleted by clicking on the ellipses at the end of its row and clicking “Delete Network.” You and your end customers will have access to the Customer Network until the end of your billing cycle, at which point it will be deleted and you will no longer be charged for its users.

Last updated 5 days ago