Endpoint Requirements

The Twingate client needs to be installed and running on your device in order to access Resources protected by Twingate. The Twingate application is small (less than 10MB) and requires minimal system resources when running. Twingate makes use of the native VPN functionality on the host operating system in order to intercept traffic for protected Resources. Seeing a VPN connection activate on your device is expected.

Installing the client application

Simply go to get.twingate.com and the client will automatically download for your device’s platform.

See Download & Installation for more detailed information.

Managed devices

Twingate is compatible with most device management solutions. The Managed Devices section contains more detailed information.

Firewall rules

The Twingate client requires outbound connectivity on TCP ports 443 (HTTPS) and the inclusive range of 30000-31000. It does not usually need any special firewall rules opened, but certain public hotspots may block non-standard ports.

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