Social Logins

Using social identities to log in to Twingate

In cases where there is no third party Identity Provider available, Twingate supports the use of social identities to log in. Administrators can invite and manage users through the Team page in the Admin Console.

Social Login Options

There are four options available:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • LinkedIn
  • GitHub

Users can log in with any account from one of these four providers, as long as the email address associated with the account matches the email address of the user in Twingate.

Inviting Users

In order to invite new users to your Twingate account, navigate to the users tab on the Team page in the Admin Console. Click the “Add User” button and enter their email address.

Inviting a new user
Inviting a new user

Click the “Send Invite Email” button to send the user an email with a link to download the Client and log in, or click “Add User Without Invite Email” if you don’t want them to receive an email invitation.

Managing Users

In addition to inviting new users to your Twingate account, you can also use the Teams page to manage individual users. You can assign a different Role to them (see the Admins guide for more information) as well as disable or remove them completely.

Pending user
Pending user

To manage an individual user, click the three dots at the right side of their record to bring up the User menu.

Managing a user
Managing a user

The four menu options are as follows:

  • Edit allows you to update the user’s display name
  • Manage Role allows you to change the user’s role (see link above to the Admins guide)
  • Disable allows you to temporarily disable the user without removing them, blocking their ability to log in
  • Remove allows you to completely delete the user

Last updated 4 months ago