JumpCloud Configuration


Twingate integrates with JumpCloud in order to both synchronize user accounts and delegate user authentication to JumpCloud. Only users and groups associated with the Twingate app in JumpCloud will be able to use Twingate and access private resources.

Twingate delegates the following functions to JumpCloud:

  • User authentication via SAML
  • User and group synchronization via SCIM

Steps to configure the JumpCloud Twingate integration

At this time, configuring Twingate to work with JumpCloud requires some assistance from Twingate staff. If you are interested in configuring JumpCloud with Twingate, please Contact Us.

Selective Group Sync

After completing the initial integration of JumpCloud and Twingate, you can change which groups you want to automatically sync from JumpCloud into Twingate.

  • In the JumpCloud admin portal, click SSO Applications under the USER AUTHENTICATION menu
  • Click on the Twingate application logo
  • Click on the User Groups tab
  • Check the boxes next to any group that you want to sync
  • Click Save

Once saved, the groups should sync automatically, along with any user members of those groups.

Last updated 1 month ago