Download the Windows installer

You can download the Windows installer from

Twingate is currently supported on Windows 10 or above.

Install Twingate

Run the Twingate installer. The installer requires local admin rights on your PC.

Run Twingate & First-time Configuration

Once Twingate is installed, run it from either the desktop shortcut or the Start menu. Once started, Twingate runs from the Notification Area on the right-hand side of the Windows Taskbar.

The first time you run Twingate, you need to provide the name of your Twingate network. This is “Beamreach” in the example shown below. When you click “Join Network”, you will be automatically redirected to your organization’s configured identity provider. Use your normal credentials.

Once you are authenticated, you can leave Twingate connected. It will not affect your regular internet browsing and only intercept network traffic for private Resources.


.NET 6

Since version 2023.206, the Windows Client requires the .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.0 (x64) or higher. Installing Twingate via an update or the EXE installer will automatically install the .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.20 (x64). When installing Windows via the MSI, the .NET Desktop Runtime will need to be manually installed.

You can download the .NET Desktop Runtime directly from Microsoft.

Intel Ethernet network adapters

Some users have reported slow speeds on Windows 10 devices that use an Intel Ethernet network adapter. Windows 10 may not update this adapter to the latest version automatically, so if you are experiencing slow network speeds while connected to Twingate, you can update to the latest driver version directly from Intel’s website.

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