Deploy a Connector

Now that your Remote Network has been defined, it’s time to deploy a Connector.

Twingate’s Connectors allow you to access private Resources and are deployed behind your firewall.

Define a new Connector

First, view the Remote network you just created by clicking on its name.

Next, click “add a connector”, which will create a new Connector. This Connector will remain unconfigured until the next steps are completed.

Deploy a Connector

First, click “Deploy Connector” to start the deployment process.

You will then be presented with a set of options to deploy the Connector depending on your particular environment or preferences. Selecting each option will update the set of deployment steps displayed below.

For more information on deploying Connectors, see Deploying Connectors.

Whichever option you choose, you must provision the Connector on a host that can reach the Resources you want to provide access to via Twingate.

Once you initiate the deployment process on the remote system, the “Connection Status” sidebar will update automatically. Once a successful connection has been made to both the Twingate Controller and Relay, the new Connector is ready to serve requests.

Next step

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