Advanced Connector Management

Connectors support a number of more advanced functions that are useful for monitoring and management in various deployment scenarios.

Real-time connection log output

Connectors can be configured to output real-time network connection logs to stdout on the host machine. This allows log collection and monitoring without delay into a target SIEM or any custom system.

-> Enabling real-time connection logs

Connector details

Connectors report metadata related to the Connector’s current state and the machine it’s running on. These details are exposed in the Admin console in the Connector management page.

-> View Connector details

Custom deployment metadata

Custom metdata may be added to Connectors at deployment time. This metadata is exposed in the Admin console in the Connector management page.

-> Add custom metadata to Connectors

Supporting unqualified domain names

If you wish to support unqualified domain names as Resources without requiring any device-level configuration, you may configure search domain(s) on the Connector host machine.

-> Supporting unqualified domain names

Connector health checks

Connectors automatically report process health when deployed as a container in Docker. However, some specialized deployment scenarios require checking Connector health directly.

-> Checking Connector health directly

Guidelines for automated Connector deployment

There are a number of considerations when automating Connector deployment, whether using the Admin API or a custom script.

-> Deployment automation best practices

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