Advanced Connector Management

Connectors support a number of more advanced functions that are useful for monitoring and management in various deployment scenarios.

Real-time connection log output

Connectors can be configured to output real-time network connection logs to stdout on the host machine. This allows log collection and monitoring without delay into a target SIEM or any custom system.

-> Enabling real-time connection logs

Custom deployment metadata

Custom metdata may be added to Connectors at deployment time. This metadata is exposed in the Admin console in the Connector management page.

-> Add custom metadata to Connectors

Supporting unqualified domain names

If you wish to support unqualified domain names as Resources without requiring any device-level configuration, you may configure search domain(s) on the Connector host machine.

-> Supporting unqualified domain names

Connector health checks

Connectors automatically report process health when deployed as a container in Docker. However, some specialized deployment scenarios require checking Connector health directly.

-> Checking Connector health directly

Guidelines for automated Connector deployment

There are a number of considerations when automating Connector deployment, whether using the Admin API or a custom script.

-> Deployment automation best practices

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