VPN Replacement

Twingate enables employees to remotely access the office network, cloud VPCs, and other private corporate resources from their computers and mobile devices.

Benefits of using Twingate

  • Modern security. Control access to corporate resources at the application level vs. at the network level, which reduces the risk of lateral movement attacks. Twingate’s architecture eliminates the need to have a public-facing gateway, so your network and resources stay hidden.
  • Easy setup and rapid deployment. Twingate can be deployed in under 15 minutes with a lightweight connector component deployed on a single host within the network. There is no hardware to procure or network configurations to change. Twingate integrates with popular Identity Providers like Okta, JumpCloud, Entra ID (formerly Azure AD), OneLogin and Google for a fast end-user rollout, and also offers a centralized admin console to provision and manage access.
  • Fast performance for distributed work. Unlike VPNs that are “full tunnel”, meaning all traffic is indiscriminately passed through a VPN gateway and into a corporate network, Twingate is “split tunnel” by default, meaning only traffic that needs to reach internal resources are routed to the corporate network.

Detailed walkthroughs

Read the guides below to set up Twingate in under 15 minutes for your environment.

Accessing Networks in the Cloud

Accessing private resources in a VPC (or equivalent) with Terraform

Accessing Networks On-Premises

Accessing Networks for Heterogenous Workforce


Architecture comparisons

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