Device Controls

Twingate lets companies enforce device restrictions and posture checks when accessing corporate resources through fine-grained access policies.

Benefits of using Twingate

  • Modern, zero-trust security. Easily configure zero trust access policies to SaaS applications, cloud environments, and on-prem services. Add MFA and enforce device restrictions based on resource, user, and context.
  • Broad integrations support. Twingate integrates with popular Identity Providers like Okta, JumpCloud, Entra ID, OneLogin and Google for seamless access. Enforce device restrictions and posture checking with integrations for MDM providers (Jamf) and EDR solutions (Crowdstrike and Intune).
  • Easy administration. Twingate offers a web-based admin console to manage resources, networks, and policies. Larger organizations can use the Public API to programmatically configure access.
  • Control without performance degradation. Unlike traditional VPNs, Twingate offers fine-grained access control and split tunneling so employee productivity is not disrupted by a slow or unreliable VPN connection.
  • Intelligent policy, at the edge. In this age of remote work, Bring-Your-Own-Device, and contract-based workforce, Twingate enables companies to set access policies at the endpoint device, applying the principle of least privileged access for enhanced security.

Detailed walkthroughs

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