Define a Remote Network

Defining a Remote Network in Twingate allows you to define Resources that users can be given access to.

Define a new Remote Network

The first step is to define a new Remote Network. You may already have one or more Remote Networks defined from your choices during the signup process. If you already have a Remote Network defined, you can proceed to defining a new Resource, below.

To define a new Remote Network:

  • Click on “Network” in the navigation bar, if needed.
  • Next to Remote Networks on the righthand side of the screen click “Add”.
  • Select the location of the remote network from the list of options, eg. “AWS.”
  • Give the Remote Network a name, eg. “AWS Production VPC”, and then click “Add Remote Network”.

Define a Resource

  • Click “Network” in the top-level navigation.
  • Click “Add Resource”.
  • Enter details for your Resource and click “Add Resource”.

Finally, in the next step, select the Group or Groups that should be authorized to access your new Resource. This will grant any users in the selected Groups access to this Resource. The only available option will be the “Everyone” group unless you have already created your own Groups. Select “Everyone” (or your Group of choice) and click “Add 1 Group” to finalize creating the new Resource.

You must add the Resource to a Group for the Resource to be accessible to users. If you’d like to limit which users can access this Resource, create a custom Group.

Next step

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