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Explore Customer Stories

Explore Customer Stories

Innovators across the world are making Zero Trust a reality with Twingate

  • Neel Palrecha

    Neel Palrecha


    “WFH made it clear that our old solution wasn't going to scale. We were surprised at how easy it was to get Twingate up, and we're excited to roll it out to the whole company.“

    Bob Bousquet

    Director of IT

    “Twingate had faster speeds than any other solution we evaluated. They make zero trust easy and our users are loving the experience.”

    Luis Zaldivar

    SRE Manager

    “We got set up in literally 30 minutes and Twingate has easily scaled to manage our most complex workflows. Even our engineers love it - and that's a high bar.”

    Emery Wells


    “Our old VPN was giving us serious issues and causing flaky Zoom calls with everyone working remotely. It drove me and my team crazy. Twingate couldn't come soon enough.”

    Christian Trummer


    “We evaluated several competing vendors for zero trust and Twingate was clearly the easiest to deploy. We got Twingate up in minutes.”

    Paul Guthrie

    Information Security Officer

    “We've invested heavily in automation at Blend and Twingate is a powerful platform that allows us to programmatically deploy and maintain a zero trust approach to our infrastructure.”