Google Workspace

Google Workspace Updates

Nov 8, 2021

Today we’re excited to share three updates to our Google Workspace integration. These changes make our integration more fully featured and performant so that you can get your team organized and configured within Twingate. The three major updates are support for Organizational Units, use of webhooks to sync changes, and support for multiple Google Workspace domains. For more detailed information, see our documentation.

Google Organizational Unit sync

Twingate’s Google Workspace integration now supports syncing Organizational Units (OUs) and Google Groups. Customers using Google Workspace as their identity provider will have the option to sync either or both OUs and Groups as Twingate groups, which can then be granted access to specific resources. This makes it easier than ever to seamlessly integrate existing user management architecture into Twingate.

Google Workspace webhooks

We also updated how we sync users via our Google Workspace integration. By using webhook-based triggers to identify changes, Twingate is now able to reflect updates even faster, significantly reducing sync times. With this, you’ll be able to easily get your team set up and stay up to date within Twingate.

Multiple Google Workspace domains

Customers using Google Workspace as an identity provider will now also be able to sync multiple domains from a single Google Workspace account (secondary domains within Google Workspace). This ensures that users from these different domains will be able to authenticate, sync changes, and be given access to resources as needed.