Enable self-serve access to different groups based on pre-defined security policies directly in Slack.


Platform as a Service Access Management


The Twingate Slackbot enables self-serve requests for temporary access in an environment that users are already familiar with.

This allows organizations to:

  • Manage access to resources that share the same IP addresses or DNS names

  • Segregate access to different environments (e.g. Development, Test, Production environments)

  • Switch between resources in different geographic regions

  • Request/approve access to groups

  • Grant time-bound access to Groups (and by extension, Twingate Resources)


Automate access provisioning

End users can easily request temporary access using an environment that they are already familiar with, and managers can approve and provision access automatically via Slack.

Implement least privilege access

Leverage time-bound access to groups and resources, preventing over-provisioning across your organization.

Improve team productivity

Reduce the time IT teams spend provisioning access, and the time end users wait for access to be granted.