Implement dynamic access controls with Opal and Twingate.


User Sync Access Management


With Opal + Twingate you can:

  • Allow users to request short-lived just-in-time access to infrastructure and applications from web and Slack

  • Delegate approvals and management to system owners and managers with the most context

  • Configure powerful governance policies for sensitive access

  • Automatically escalate and revoke privileged resource access based on on-call schedules


Implement least privilege access

Leverage Twingate’s granular access controls and grant just-in-time access with Twingate + Opal.

Simplify compliance

Automate user access reviews so compliance teams can snapshot user listings, assign reviewers to self-service reviews, propagate access changes, and generate an auditor-friendly access report.

Streamline provisioning

Reduce time spent provisioning access by enabling managers to approve access requests automatically in Slack.