Request ephemeral and secure on-demand access using Indent and Twingate.


Access Management


With Indent + Twingate you can enable users to request secure on-demand and ephemeral access to infrastructure and applications.

Users can create an access request from Slack and have it routed to the correct approver based on their company’s security and compliance policies. From Slack, approvers can grant access requests, with the ability to set the access duration to eliminate the need to go back in and revoke access at a later date.

You can read more about getting started with Intent + Twingate on Indent’s integration set-up guide.


Implement least privilege access

Leverage Twingate’s granular access controls and grant just-in-time access with Twingate + Indent.

Security with flexibility

Easily customize access with granular controls, tailoring security to the needs of all of your organization's resources.

Improve team productivity

With access request and approval workflows directly in Slack, teams can get access faster and free up IT teams to focus on strategic projects instead of access provisioning.