Bring Zero Trust to your GitLab CI/CD pipeline.




Automated processes like CI/CD pipelines often deal with complex dependencies across systems and can require authorization to privileged resources, which is frequently both difficult to secure and complex to manage.

By leveraging Twingate for your GitLab CI/CD pipeline, you can:

  • Apply consistent controls across end users and services, all in one place.

  • Easily integrate with existing processes.

  • Instantly modify access rules as needs change.


Apply consistent controls across end users and services

Easily assign access to existing GitLab resources—or define new ones—in your Twingate admin console, giving you a single view of access across your network and organization.

Easily integrate with existing processes

Twingate supports “headless” modes, allowing you to connect using service account credentials in a single command line and enabling easy deployment.

Instantly modify access rules

Modify authorization rules and rotate/revoke keys without needing to modify firewall rules, re-configure IP allow lists, or deploy potentially disruptive network changes.