Secure your workflows and Codespaces environments in a matter of minutes with Twingate.


Platform-as-Service Continuous Integration/Deployment (CI/CD)


Git repositories can contain some of your most valuable Intellectual Property. Modern development processes often require cloud-based tools to access network resources that should be private and hidden from the Internet.

Twingate provides integrations to improve your security posture when using Github:

  • The Twingate Github Action securely connects your Github workflows to your private resources without having to configure IP allow lists or proxies.

  • Use the Twingate with Github Codespaces to provide secure access to your private resources from ephemeral cloud developer environments.


Least-privilege access

With Twingate your CI/CD workflows only access the private resources they need.

No need to open ports and allow IPs through your firewall

Twingate requires no ports to be opened and you don’t need to manage a bulky allow-list of IP addresses.


Service accounts and keys can be provisioned via API so you can benefit from fully automated processes.