Duo Security

Duo Security

Duo Security

Leverage Duo Security as an MFA application for Twingate-protected resources.


Identity & Authentication Multi-factor Authentication


Twingate end users can leverage Duo Security as their TOTP-based authenticator application when accessing Twingate-protected resources with MFA-enabled security policies.

For additional configuration details, check out Duo Security’s documentation.


Universal MFA

Apply MFA to any Twingate-protected resourcing, including historically challenging use cases like SSH, RDP, and legacy applications.

Performant protection

Lock down sensitive resources without sacrificing speed or user experience with Twingate’s lightning fast peer-to-peer remote access solution.

Fast deployment, flexible configuration

Adding MFA to a Twingate Security Policy can be done in a single click. Configure policies quickly and deploy MFA protection on even the most challenging use cases.