Secure your internet traffic with Twingate and DNSFilter.


Internet Security DNS Filtering


With DNSFilter’s AI-powered content filtering solution and multi-platform roaming client, admins can now deploy DNSFilter and Twingate side by side to fully protect both private and public user traffic, no matter where they are and what device they’re on.


Automatically Encrypted DNS Queries

The vast majority of DNS requests are still both unencrypted and unvalidated, and hence vulnerable to a range of exploits from data collection to DNS poisoning and phishing. DOH encapsulates DNS queries in an HTTPS, hiding the contents of the requests from third parties.

Robust Content Filtering

Stop your users from viewing inappropriate or malicious content on all devices, inside and outside your network.

AI-Powered Threat Detection

DNSFilter provides real-time domain analysis powered by machine learning, with billions of domains categorized daily at 96% accuracy.