Make Zero Trust remote access seamless and cost-effective when accessing to your private resources in AWS.


Infrastructure-as-Service Platform-as-Service


With Twingate on AWS you will be able to securely access AWS resources across regions and accounts, including:

  • EC2 instances

  • ECS (Elastic Container Service)

  • EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)

  • RDS databases

Twingate on AWS supports all deployment scenarios including an official AMI for EC2 and support for deploying in ECS and EKS.

Our integration extends beyond technical features. Twingate is available in the AWS Marketplace so customers can benefit from simplified billing and procurement.


Eliminate public gateways

With no inbound ports to open Twingate reduces your public attack surface improving security and reducing risk

Simplify configuration and cost

Deploy across multiple VPCs and AWS accounts without complex configuration and save money compared to AWS VPN

API-first, Infrastructure-as-Code friendly

Twingate offers both Terraform and Pulumi providers so DevOps teams can fully automate their remote access solution along with the rest of their cloud environment