Service Accounts

Service Accounts & Headless Clients

Sep 22, 2021

Now available: Service accounts

We’ve expanded support for CI/CD pipeline integration and automated processes by adding service accounts to Twingate. Services can be created in the Admin console and access can be provided to any existing resources. Service keys assigned to a service are used to authorize access using the new headless mode available in our Windows and Linux clients. Upgrading connectors to 1.0.30 or later is required to enable service access to resources.

For more information, see our product announcement and documentation.

Minor Fixes and Improvements


  • Linux 1.0.21 and Windows 1.0.11 Clients now support service accounts with headless modes.

Admin Console

  • The Google Workspace integration now supports webhook-based triggers for user changes.

  • Connectors are now given random names, and connector names can be edited after creation.

  • The admin user who created a given Admin API key is now visible in the admin console.

  • Resources can now be edited directly from the resource list view in the Network page.

Admin API

  • Added support for devices into the Admin API, including updating device trusted status.