Peer-to-peer Transport via NAT Traversal

Jan 13, 2022

We’re excited to introduce a significant upgrade to our network infrastructure that reduces round trip latency and incorporates the latest networking standards. Clients and Connectors will now prioritize negotiating a direct peer-to-peer connection whenever possible; our Relay infrastructure remains available as a secondary data path.

This upgrade also introduces the use of QUIC at the network transport level. QUIC was designed to address the challenges of real-world internet usage by:

  1. Maximizing throughput for concurrent data streams

  2. Reducing connection startup time

  3. Improving resilience to network changes

We are in the process of rolling out this functionality to all of our customers. If you’d like to opt in for early access, please contact your account manager. For more on how we think about Twingate’s underlying network architecture, including these most recent upgrades, see our blog post.

Client and Connector requirements

  • Connector 1.31.0 or newer

  • Windows 1.0.13 or newer

  • macOS 1.0.16 or newer

  • Linux 1.0.32 or newer

  • iOS 1.0.16 or newer

  • Android support will be available in the next release