Connector Metadata

Connector Real-time Logs & Metadata

Sep 3, 2021

Connector Real-time Connection Logs

We’ve added real-time network logging to the Connector to enable feeding this information directly into a SIEM system. Logs are output in JSON format and are identity-indexed, allowing you to link user identity directly to the resource that was accessed, the rule that allowed access, which device was used, and how much data was transferred. For more detailed information, please see our documentation.

Connector Metadata

We’ve augmented the Connector detail page in the Admin console to display additional information about each Connector. We now:

  • Report the Connector’s current version

  • Indicate if an update is available for the Connector

  • Display any custom metadata

See our documentation for information on setting custom metadata. We will be continuing to enhance the Connector information we provide over the coming weeks.

Minor Fixes and Improvements


  • Added NixOS distribution support in Linux 1.0.12.

  • macOS and iOS Clients are now available in the corresponding French Apple App Stores.


  • Improved the Twingate Universal 2FA experience by introducing a sliding window for code entry. This prevents user codes from being rejected just after the 2FA code transitions.