Introducing the Twingate Partner Alliance
by Matt White

Introducing the Twingate Partner Alliance

We are excited to announce the launch of the Twingate Partner Alliance. The Twingate Partner Alliance will expand relationships with our managed service providers, resellers, and ISVs and, by formally building a partner community and program, foster new and existing partnerships at scale.

One thing that we heard from numerous MSP partners was that Zero Trust can be confusing - no one can agree on a definition and it’s been taken over by marketing departments as a buzzword applied indiscriminately across any security platform. For a concise perspective on Zero Trust that bypasses the usual marketing fluff, check out our CEO’s blog post, Solving the usability problem to unlock Zero Trust adoption.

While some companies have been able to adopt Zero Trust, we know that the complexity of setup and the intensive resources required to start down the Zero Trust path have locked out many MSPs and their customers. If you are an MSP, our goal is to make remote access easier for your customers and a positive experience for their end users. With the launch of the Twingate Partner Alliance, we are seeking other teams that share this vision and are excited about co-designing the future of secure remote work.

What will be included as part of joining the Partner Alliance?

We want to ensure there are no blockers for validating Twingate as your remote security partner. For our initial design partners, we are offering NFR (not for resale) licenses for your own internal use cases, and discounted reseller pricing with flexible billing options. We will also provide free training and assist with deployment calls so that your customers have white glove support. We’ll also be launching a new private partner forum where we will share roadmap updates, as well as sales & marketing enablement material. As we grow our initial community, we’ll start to host in-person events where you can meet the Twingate team and learn from our other partners about how they’re supporting their customers with Twingate.

What will you be developing in the future?

Our goal is to make a product that MSPs and resellers love and is easy to use. We are in the process of developing MSP-specific features and are excited to learn from our initial design partners which integrations we should prioritize. The Twingate Partner Alliance provides a platform where MSPs get a behind the scenes look at the prototypes we’re designing, while being able to provide a simple, powerful Zero Trust solution to their customers.

How do I sign up as a Partner?

You can apply to join here or contact us at We’re looking forward to hearing how we can partner together.

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