Twingate Earns 15 G2 Spring 2022 Awards
by Elliot Volkman

Twingate Earns 15 G2 Spring 2022 Awards

Organizations at every scale consider Zero Trust to solve their access control challenges. While the migration from legacy technologies can seem daunting at first, Twingate’s approach to Zero Trust secure access makes implementation seamless. Once again, our customers have spoken and awarded Twingate with 15 G2 Spring 2022 Awards in the Cloud Security, Software-Defined Perimeters, Zero Trust and Virtual Private Network categories.

Simplifying Zero Trust for everyone

Our goal while developing a modern, Zero Trust access solution was to offer enterprise-grade services with consumer-grade usability for every stakeholder. Transparent client apps let end users get to work. Simple consoles let administrators effortlessly manage granular, role-based permissions. And our lightweight Twingate Connectors simplify deployments. Here’s what one G2 reviewer had to say about implementing Twingate:

“Twingate deployments don’t require any networking technical expertise as it’s simple & straightforward. We needn’t make any changes to our existing network infrastructure thanks to its dynamic resource discovery feature. Twingate connectors also aid with composing our resource definitions and group membership policies of our Kubernetes deployments…. These connectors can also be deployed on Amazon Linux instances using Docker which is light-weight and efficient for our use cases. We are able to customize access privileges on a granular level to our Helivent application clusters which are accessible using its Internal IP address or its K8 DNS name.” - Rithika G

Enterprise capabilities at any scale

Even though Twingate Zero Trust can operate at enterprise scale, small organizations find our solutions just as accessible. Here’s how reviewers at small businesses described their experiences:

“Twingate is a VPN alternative that uses a zero-trust model, and keeps our business and personal traffic separate. It protects our cloud infrastructure so good. So I think this is an amazing platform as it is very easy application to setup. Also Its price is also affordable.” - GS Islam

“This is how remote connectivity is supposed to work…. The simplicity of setup and the support provided are outstanding.” - Administrator in Information Technology and Services

Twingate’s G2 Spring 2022 Awards

The 15 awards we won this quarter were spread across seven award types and four product categories:

Best Results

Thanks to reviews from our customers, Twingate earned the top ranking in the Results Index for Software-Defined Perimeter providers.

High Performer

With the agility of a focused team and a commitment to customer service, Twingate continues to place in the G2 Grid Report’s High Performer quadrant in the following product and customer categories:

  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Security - Mid-Market
  • Zero Trust Networking
  • Software-Defined Perimeter
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Virtual Private Network - Small Business

Easiest To Use

Ease of use is the top-weighted variable in G2’s Usability Index. Twingate’s simple deployment, administration, and use earned us top marks in the following product/customer categories:

  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Security - Mid-Market
  • Software-Defined Perimeter

Easiest To Do Business With

When calculating its Relationship Index, G2 puts the most weight on how easy it is to work with a vendor. Twingate’s focus on customer relationships earned us the top score for the following product categories:

  • Software-Defined Perimeter
  • Virtual Private Network

Other Awards

  • Best Estimated ROI - How quickly customers see a return on their investment is the most important factor in G2’s Results Index. Reviewers gave Twingate top marks in the Software-Defined Perimeter category.
  • Users Most Likely To Recommend - With 95% of reviewers giving us a 5-star rating, it’s no surprise that Twingate is the Software-Defined Perimeter vendor customers are most likely to recommend.
  • Best Support - Securing your cloud assets across multiple platforms is no easy task. Mid-Market customers ranked Twingate’s customer support above other Cloud Security vendors.

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