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Paul Guthrie
Information Security Officer
We’ve invested heavily in automation at Blend and Twingate is a powerful platform that allows us to programmatically deploy and maintain a zero trust approach to our infrastructure.
Financial Services, 1000+ Employees
Paul Mason
In the age of COVID-19, having an efficient and secure IT infrastructure is more important than ever. We used Twingate to replace a VPN that was bursting at the seams after our business transitioned to remote work. I’m extremely happy to have Twingate.
Financial Services, 200-1000 Employees
Or Cohen
Principal Engineer
Our legacy VPN was failing to support our rapid growth. We were able to switch to Twingate in minutes. It works like magic.
Financial Services, 200-1000 Employees
Christian Trummer
We evaluated several competing vendors for zero trust and Twingate was clearly the easiest to deploy. We got Twingate up in minutes.
Financial Services, 200-1000 Employees
Emery Wells
Our old VPN was giving us serious issues and causing flaky Zoom calls with everyone working remotely. It drove me and my team crazy. Twingate couldn't come soon enough.
Technology, 200-1000 Employees
Amit Raj
Head of IT
Twingate has delivered a seamless user experience without the headaches involved with legacy VPN solutions
IT Services, 1000+ Employees
Jordan Brown
Platform Engineering Manager
Twingate allowed us to very easily move to a model of zero trust networking and drop our previous OpenVPN-based solution entirely. Setting up Twingate was incredibly simple.
Technology, 200-1000 Employees
Will Chertoff
Sr. DevOps Engineer
Well, that was easy. I've never been able to deploy a company-wide VPN in under 5 minutes
Technology, 200-1000 Employees

How Human Interest brings innovation to retirement savings using Twingate

2x bandwidth for remote access vs VPN
100+ hours  of support time saved during deployment
380% increase in VPN access demand met with Twingate

How Ampush drives disruptive growth for high-performance companies using Twingate

100+ hours saved per month in lost employee productivity
0% impact on connection speeds with Twingate enabled
20+ hours saved per month in ongoing maintenance
2 months faster to deploy compared to VPN

How Homebase empowers over 100,000 small businesses with a global workforce using Twingate

90% reduction in client setup time
85% reduction in system deployment time
Completely eliminates ongoing VPN maintenance

How MHC Software powers automation for the modern enterprise with Twingate

Unified access to multiple network environments due to M&A
90% reduction in deployment time from 3 months to 1 week
Improved security by eliminating public attack surfaces from VPN

How Jade Global delivers world-class IT services with a distributed workforce using Twingate

70% faster to deploy compared to VPN
100% higher connection speed compared to VPN
Simplified access for a fully remote workforce
"Twingate allowed us to very easily move to a model of zero trust networking and drop our previous OpenVPN-based solution entirely. Setting up Twingate was incredibly simple."
Jordan Brown
Platform Engineering Manager at Homebase

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