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Why our customers love us

Twingate enables fast growing companies to eliminate VPNs and innovate even faster with our zero trust platform
Paul Mason
In the age of COVID-19, having an efficient and secure IT infrastructure is more important than ever. We used Twingate to replace a VPN that was bursting at the seams after our business transitioned to remote work. I’m extremely happy to have Twingate.
Financial Services, 200-1000 Employees
Jordan Brown
Platform Engineering Manager
Twingate allowed us to very easily move to a model of zero trust networking and drop our previous OpenVPN-based solution entirely. Setting up Twingate was incredibly simple.
Technology, 50-200 Employees
Neel Palrecha
WFH made it clear that our old solution wasn't going to scale. We were surprised at how easy it was to get Twingate up, and we're excited to roll it out to the whole company
Technology, 50-200 Employees
Amit Raj
Head of IT
Twingate has delivered a seamless user experience without the headaches involved with legacy VPN solutions
Technology, 1000+ Employees

How MHC Software powers automation for the modern enterprise with Twingate

Unified access to multiple network environments due to M&A
90% reduction in deployment time from 3 months to 1 week
Improved security by eliminating public attack surfaces from VPN

How Homebase empowers over 100,000 small businesses with a global workforce using Twingate

90% reduction in client setup time
85% reduction in system deployment time
Completely eliminates ongoing VPN maintenance

How Human Interest brings innovation to retirement savings using Twingate

2x bandwidth for remote access vs VPN
100+ hours  of support time saved during deployment
380% increase in VPN access demand met with Twingate
"Without Twingate, building our own VPN solution would have taken months and would have been a nightmare to support, given our networks and users are located everywhere. With Twingate, we got set up immediately, and it works across our cloud and on-prem networks. It was like "Wow!""
Eddie Weyrick
Director of IT at MHC Software

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