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Static IPs and More with DigitalOcean

Static IPs and More with DigitalOcean

We’re excited to announce that the Twingate Labs team has launched WebDeploy for DigitalOcean. DigitalOcean is a cloud provider that offers Virtual Machines (droplets) across 8 geographic regions. Twingate users can instantly provision a Connector in DigitalOcean without any scripting knowledge. These Droplets are firewalled off, making them completely invisible to the Internet and they’re set to automatically apply Linux and Twingate updates and reboot when necessary. High-Availability and failover is easy too - deploy a 2nd connector in a different datacenter!

As a modern, secure alternative to VPNs, Twingate focuses on brokering encrypted peer-to-peer connections for users rather than relying on Points-of-Presence (PoPs). While PoPs do enable the use of static IP addresses, they still leave users at the mercy of a vendor’s distributed PoP footprint (often in the low 100s), in addition to incompatibility with certain protocol types and integration challenges.

Why do static IPs matter? Well, a fair few cloud services recommend or require all traffic originate from IP addresses that they can whitelist through their firewalls. Since many home users who don’t have on-prem or cloud infrastructure are behind dynamic IPs (and also some serverless apps are too), their IP addresses can change without warning. It’s no surprise then that so many are searching for an easy-to-manage solution to this problem.

Now, thanks to Twingate Labs’ WebDeploy for DigitalOcean, users can retain the benefits of Twingate’s peer-to-peer network connections while also establishing a static IP via DigitalOcean droplets, which offer great performance and generous bandwidth for about $6 per month. One of the advantages of this approach is that our customers are not locked-in to Twingate for their static IP. For those that prefer a CLI please don’t feel left out! The Twingate CLI, can also deploy connectors to DigitalOcean. Visit our DigitalOcean community tools page for more information.

Try WebDeploy today by clicking here. If you don’t yet have a DigitalOcean account you can create one here, which includes free credits to get started with.

Rapidly implement a modern Zero Trust network that is more secure and maintainable than VPNs.

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