Zero Trust Network Access Made Simple

Implement least-privileged access to private resources in minutes, while providing a superior end user experience using Twingate. Who says you can’t make your CISO and your users happy at the same time?

Oct 14, 2020

"Twingate is a major improvement our previous VPN solution."

Twingate allowed us to very easily move to a model of zero-trust networking and drop our previous OpenVPN-based solution entirely. We have now removed all instances in our private network with public IP addresses and our attack surface has been greatly reduced...

Jordan BMid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
Sep 23, 2020

"We dropped our corporate VPN for Twingate and there is no going back!"

We switched from corporate VPN to Twingate in 24hrs for our 300 people organization across 3 continents. So ease of deployment is definitely way up there. We kept the VPN as a backup for a while in case there were access issues but never had to use it (reliability - check!). Our international teams had much faster access to AWS and other cloud resources as the access didn't have to go through a single corporate choke point (speed!). Unlike VPNs there is no public attack surface (Security)

Tanuj CMid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
Chloe Oscar
Milton Collins
Cameron Back
Clayton Hines
Aubrey Gonzales
Mario Nguyen

ZTNA is the future of network access

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a secure model for network access that fits today’s “work from anywhere” world. With more users and business resources moving outside of the corporate network, ZTNA regards all networks as untrusted and shifts the focus from securing networks to securing individual users, devices, and resources instead. However, until now, ZTNA has been complicated and difficult for businesses to deploy.

Identity First

Use a verified user identity, and not an IP address, to determine network access rights

Contextual Authorization

Grant access based on rich context: device posture, location, time, and other attributes


Fine-tune access policies with logging & analytics that provide visibility across the entire network

Twingate Simplifies Adopting ZTNA

ZTNA has existed for over a decade, but achieving it has, until now, been a complicated and intensive endeavor. At Twingate, we believe that usability shouldn’t be compromised in the pursuit of better security. Twingate makes obtaining the benefits of ZTNA simple for both admins and end users.

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No infrastructure changes required

Twingate is a software-only solution that doesn’t require reconfiguring or readdressing your network infrastructure. You don’t need to be a networking expert!

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Simple for end users

With support for all major platforms, end user setup is as easy as installing a consumer app and signing in. No configuration or tech support required.

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Deploy ZTNA in 15 minutes

Twingate is simple enough to deploy in under 15 minutes. And you can even try it out risk free without ripping out your existing VPN.

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Identity-First Networking

Use verified user identities to control network access on a least privilege basis.

Id First Benefit

Id First Benefit