Subprocessor List

Last Updated: November 30, 2020

This page lists the subprocessors listed below that Twingate uses, in its capacity as a data processor, to assist in the processing of personal data provided by customers through the products and services provided by Twingate.

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  • Google LLC (United States)
    Provides infrastructure on which Twingate production systems, databases, and customer data are hosted. Provides corporate email, office apps, and file storage services. Google Cloud Platform also provides infrastructure on which the Twingate global relay network operates. No data or network-identifiable information is stored in relays, and Twingate has no visibility into traffic routed via relays as all such traffic is end-to-end encrypted and no data-carrying connections are terminated at relays. Relays exist in Australia, Brazil, Finland, India, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • FrontApp, Inc. (United States)
    Customer communications system
  • Functional Software, Inc. (Sentry) (United States)
    Application crash and error reporting
  • Intercom, Inc. (United States)
    Customer communications system
  • Twilio Inc. (Sendgrid) (United States)
    Email service provider

Twingate Group Subprocessors

The following entities are part of the Twingate family of companies and are considered subprocessors who assist with providing our services.

  • Twingate Israel Ltd. (Israel)