A More Scalable Alternative to Tunnelblick

Access Control without Mesh VPN Configurations

Deployment via Terraform and Pulumi

No Publicly Exposed Gateway

Better Performance with QUIC, NAT Traversal

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Trusted by fast-growing companies worldwide

Trusted by fast-growing companies worldwide

"Our whole company just moved to Twingate, and we are loving it!"

Usability was an issue with Perimeter 81. Some sites I needed to use on a daily basis were not accessible when I was connected to Perimeter 81, which disrupted my workflow. With Twingate, we are now also seeing much better network performance when connected compared to the previous solution.

Stephanie M

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

"With Twingate, it's night and day. I've actually enjoyed setting it up!"

We looked at several other vendors, including Perimeter 81. Twingate was the best match for us because of how simple it was to set up and how easy to use it was for users. The support and responsiveness we got from Twingate was also outstanding!

Chris M

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

Reasons to Choose Twingate over OpenVPN

Connect Remote Network



Data Engineering


Connect to Twingate

Scalable Access Control in any Network

Access remote resources in any network environment without public subnets or port forwarding. No more manual configuration for your VPNs. Improve performance with modern standards such as QUIC, NAT Traversal, and private proxies.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Deploy resource-level protection and access control in minutes. Automate deployment with Terraform and Pulumi. Integrate seamlessly with all major IDPs and MDM solutions.

Secure DNS




DNS Resolver




Fallback Method


Fall back to system DNS if Secure DNS fails


Work from anywhere

Encrypt public DNS traffic for your roaming workforce. Enable MFAs at the resource level. First-class support for mobile devices including iOS, Android, and Chromebooks.

“We evaluated several competing vendors for zero trust and Twingate was clearly the easiest to deploy. We got Twingate up in minutes.”

Christian Trummer

CTO at Bitpanda

The VPN replacement your workforce will love.

The VPN replacement your workforce will love.

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