Welcome to _localhost, our free Slack community of IT, Security, and DevOps professionals.

As trailblazers we believe the future is where every company is a digital company, approaching challenges and business opportunities through the lens of automation. Through this community we will help each other navigate and solve problems, share resources, create social experiences, and empower the next generation of leaders.

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Community Guidelines

We're so excited to have you join us! Please complete the short form and review our community onboarding guidelines before you jump in and start participating!

Be Respectful

Always be supportive and helpful to others. Speak to others the way you’d like them to speak to you. Help us keep this place as accessible and inclusive as possible.


No Selling

No selling and no lead generation, please and thank you! This space is strictly for IT/Security/DevOps professionals to connect and learn from each other. DO NOT contact a member in order to solicit them without their explicit permission. If anyone reaches out to you trying to solicit a product or service, to push a survey for company purpose, etc., notify a localhost community admin.


Actively Participate

We encourage you to help lead the conversation. This community is a forum to engage with other knowledgeable professionals — think of it as a place to discuss strategies, ask questions, share insights, provide mentorship, etc. The quality and usefulness of this community depends on you:

Ask questions
Answer questions
Engage in discourse
Keep the conversation to the right channels. The best policy is **one message, one channel** — avoid posting in multiple channels for more visibility (for everyone’s sake)!
• Invite your network. We keep the group private to ensure there are no vendors or special interests joining the group! If you have a friend or colleague in IT/Security/DevOps who should be a part of localhost please have them apply.


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