Join Twingate, Pulumi, & Honeycomb for a Whiskey Tasting at KubeCon and CloudNativeCon

October 26th, 4pm at the Shinola Hotel

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Discover the power of Twingate, Pulumi & Honeycomb at KubeCon

Speak with our engineers and get a demo of how Twingate secures K8s and protects dev resources, how Pulumi enables you to deliver infrastructure with high velocity and scale, and how Honeycomb helps your developers spend less time debugging code and more time innovating.

Be our guest! Join Twingate, Pulumi, & Honeycomb at the Shinola hotel, Wednesday 10/26 from 4-6pm for a guided whiskey tasting.

See for yourself. Get a demonstration on how deploying Twingate takes <15 minutes. Visit Twingate at Kubecon (Booth #S99) to learn more.

Design Your Own Nike Shoe. Get creative and design your own Nike shoe! Visit Twingate at Kubecon (Booth #S99) to learn more.

Zero Trust Security For Kubernetes

Robust identity-centric access control protects K8s environments. Invisible to the internet, Twingate eliminates the API attack surface.

Eliminate public K8s exposure. API endpoints and IP addresses are invisible to the internet.

Protect dev resources with granular access control. K8s clusters & services, servers, databases, cloud services.

Consistent K8s security on-prem and across clouds. IdP authorization, MFA, and group-based permissions.

API-driven provisioning and management. Native Providers for Terraform, Pulumi, and Helm charts

Meet with us

Why Twingate

Twingate helps companies around the world defend against cybersecurity threats in a cloud-first, access-anywhere world.

Seamless protection of any resource

Twingate supports any resource that communicates via TCP or UDP, without any application, device, or server configuration necessary.

Hassle-free deployment

No need to change IP addresses, remap network names, or change firewall rules. Consistent, secure access controls for any resource on-prem or in the cloud.

Secure by Default

The private DNS architecture means there are no public attack surfaces. Connectors sit behind the firewall so we are invisible to the internet.

High-performance connections

Twingate combines modern technologies like NAT traversal, QUIC, private proxies, and split tunneling so users get low-latency peer-to-peer connections.

Getting Started with Pulumi & Kubernetes

Pulumi’s Cloud Native SDK makes it easy to target any Kubernetes environment to provision a cluster, configure and deploy applications, and update them as required.

Pulumi supports programming against Kubernetes—Minikube, on-premises and cloud-hosted custom Kubernetes clusters, and the managed services from Google (GKE), Azure (AKS), and Amazon (EKS). The Pulumi Kubernetes provider packages and CLI help you accomplish all these within minutes.

Learn more about Pulumi

Cloud-Native Observability with Honeycomb

Honeycomb helps you build faster and more resilient services, ship code to production reliably, and build high-performance engineering teams.Instrument your apps with OpenTelemetry, run them on Kubernetes, and use Honeycomb to identify and fix deeply hidden performance issues that you didn't even know existed. Discover the hidden realities of your distributed services and lower your mean-time-to-WTF.

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