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Increase Security With Ephemeral Access Control

40 mins

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Alex Marshall

Alex Marshall

Co-Founder & CPO

On-Demand Webinar: Increase Security With Ephemeral Access Control

Workforces today are dynamic, with employees, contractors, freelancers, and other third parties constantly changing roles, projects, or moving companies. This makes it difficult for IT teams to manage access controls in a timely manner and opens the door for hackers to take advantage of over-provisioned users and accounts that should have been deactivated. To counteract this issue, ephemeral access controls set temporary access rights that remove the need to manually revoke credentials.

Watch this webinar recording to learn about the security benefits of switching to an ephemeral access control model and how this can help eliminate the burden placed on IT and Security teams. Importantly, we will discuss what ephemeral access control solutions exist today that can be integrated into your current security stack.

Specifically, we will cover:

  • Why existing access control solutions like VPN and PAM are incomplete
  • How ephemeral access can be used for privileged and other users, as well as for service accounts
  • Key DevOps and IT use cases for ephemeral access control
  • Solutions that exist today, such as Zero Trust